ESR 13 – Beth Searle

 Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Kellett

Host: Dublin City University, Ireland

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Research: Development of on DNA oxidation catalysts for the efficient oxidation of 5-methyl- and 5- hydroxymethyl-dC to 5-formyldC for sequencing

Metal complexes will be explored as a means of oxidising epigentic cytosine modifications for single base resolution sequencing.

Publications in NATURE-ETN:

Scientific background:

In 2020, Beth graduated with a Masters degree in chemistry from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, upon completing a final year project under the supervision of Dr Tanja van Mourik, focussing on the application of computational chemistry to the study of unnatural base pairs in DNA.

Personal background:

Beth grew up in the South East of England. Aside from chemistry, she enjoys listening to podcasts, especially philosophy. She is excited to undertake a PhD within an interdisciplinary and diverse team.