ESR 11 – Conor Bain


Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Kellett

Host: Dublin City University, Ireland

Country of origin: Ireland

Research: The development of catalytic artificial metallonucleases bearing intercalative phenanthrene ligands for their conjugation to oligonucleotides via click chemistry allowing directed oxidative cleavage of mRNA.

Phenanthrene ligands carrying redox active AMNs will be linked to sequence specific oligonucleotides via click chemistry to undergo intercalative nucleic acid stabilization and directed oxidative damage to mature mRNA for application to antisense therapy.

Publications within NATURE-ETN:

  1. Galdino, A.C.M., Viganor, L., Pereira, M.M., Devereux, M., McCann, M., Branquinha, M.H., Molphy, Z., O’Carroll, S., Bain, C., Menounou, G., Kellett, A., Dos Santos, A.L.S. Copper(II) and silver(I)-1,10-phenanthroline-5,6-dione complexes interact with double-stranded DNA: further evidence of their apparent multi-modal activity towards Pseudomonas aeruginosaJ Biol Inorg Chem (2022).

Scientific background:

Conor graduated from University College Dublin in 2018 with a BSc in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology, having completed a 10-month research project in Dr. Marina Rubini’s group synthesizing non-natural amino acids for their incorporation into E. coli cells. In 2019, Conor received a MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences with Management Studies from Kingston University London during which he worked in the labs of Dr. Stephen Wren and Dr. Sianne Schwikkard designing the synthetic route towards a novel bioactive compound recently documented for the first time.

Personal background:

Conor is from Ireland, with an interest in hiking and travelling. Since his undergraduate degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology, he has been very interested in the intersect between chemical synthesis and biological application. The NATURE-ETN programme allows Conor to develop his research skills and continue his career in his field of interest.