Dr. James Hall

Dr. James Hall

Associate Professor in Biomolecular Structure and Education

University of Reading


Professional background: James Hall is an Associate Professor at the University of Reading. His research interests focus on the structure and function of nucleic acids. He is an experienced X-ray crystallographer and user of the Diamond Light Source (UK), with over 45 structures published in the Protein Data Bank. He is experienced in the use of solution-phase techniques, including UV/visible absorbance and circular dichroism, to cross-validate crystal structures with solution behaviour. He is particularly interested in the mechanisms of nucleic acid damage, the development and exploitation of non-canonical nucleic acid structures for therapeutic applications and DNA-ligand interactions. Along with his scientific research, he engages in pedagogic and educational research, with a particular interest in using virtual reality methods within teaching. He has collaborated to develop, deploy and evaluate VR-based teaching materials on a class scale within both chemistry-focused and clinical teaching.

Selected publications:

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  • M. Dalla Pozza, A. Abdullrahman, C. Cardin, G. Gasser, J. P. Hall. Three’s a crowd – stabilisation, structure, and applications of DNA triplexes, Chemical Science, 13, 10193-10215 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1039/D2SC01793H
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