New Publication: Thiazole Orange-Carboplatin TFO Combination Probes for Enhanced DNA Crosslinking

A group of researchers from the Kellett group at Dublin City University (including our ESR Malou Coche), the Brown group at the University of Oxford, and the company ATDBio, along with the member of our Scientific Advisory Board Nicholas P. Farrell (Virginia Commonwealth University) co-authored a new publication in the journal RSC Medicinal Chemistry.

Titled “Thiazole Orange-Carboplatin Triplex-Forming Oligonucleotide (TFO) Combination Probes Enhance Targeted DNA Crosslinking”, this study reports a new class of Carboplatin-TFO hybrid that incorporates a bifunctional alkyne-amine nucleobase monomer called AP-C3-dT that enables dual ‘click’ platinum(II) drug conjugation and thiazole orange fluorophore coupling.

It is available in Open Access on the journal’s website.