A new publication from the collaboration between LMU and baseclick

Our ESR Eva Schönegger, together with colleagues from the company baseclick GmbH and the Carell group at LMU Münich, just published a new paper titled “Orthogonal end labelling of oligonucleotides via dual incorporation of Click reactive NTP analogues” on ChemBioChem.

The paper introduces a modular method for modifying DNA and RNA strands at both ends with click-modifiable functional groups using γ-modified ATP analogues and T4 PNK catalysis for 5′-modification, compatible with TdT-catalyzed 3′-elongation using 3′-Azido-2′,3′-ddGTP. The approach is demonstrated to be suitable for oligo-oligo ligations and ssDNA-circularization, potentially enhancing the utility of oligonucleotides in therapeutic and diagnostic applications, particularly in next-generation sequencing.

The list of publications originating from the network can be found on our Dissemination page.